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A native of Buffalo, New York, Catherine Massaro received her B.F.A. from the Kansas City Art Institute and her M.A. from Utah State University. For many years she pursued a successful corporate career in product development and art direction for gift companies across the United States, while continuing to paint and show. Her life has included living in New York City,  Long Island, Vermont, Connecticut, Colorado, Utah, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, New Mexico, and on a sailboat out of Annapolis, Maryland. Her travels have been an inspiration to her life as an artist and she feeds on the excitement of new places and experiences.  Catherine recently moved from the Hill County of South Central Texas to Fort Worth, and as of October 2008, Reno, Nevada.

Artist Statement

As an art student, I came upon an article entitled BECOMING AN ARTIST. It has since been taped to every sketch book, diary, and wallet I have ever owned. It has become my philosophy and inspiration behind any body of work I am involved in, be it figurative, landscape, or still life. For years my work began and ended on location working directly from nature. Now I am involved in studio painting, but the work is based on drawings, sketches or photographs I take myself.

I am a formalist strictly speaking. I love the basics behind the process and construction of a painting. The building if you will of a composition, color harmony, rhythm of line, energy of a brushstroke or pencil mark. I’m always looking forward to the next idea and the opportunity it affords me to discover something new about myself through my art.

The conclusion of the BECOMING AN ARTIST quote should be a part of every artists credo, it is indeed why I paint.

“BECOMING AN ARTIST doesn’t stop with time or circumstance, or job or age. It may earn you a lot of money, or none at all. Its real value is to yourself. A way of life. But not for everyone. Those who choose it find the highs can be very high, and the lows very low. But one thing is certain, life is never boring. It is spent in the process of becoming. So you can always look forward to change.”


Catherine Massaro has been exhibiting her contemporary art in galleries and shows across the United States for over 27 years. Her work is in both private and museum collections. For a complete résumé click here. (pdf file)  or webpage bio here.

Years ago, as an art student, I discovered a philosophical statement that became my credo:

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