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Diary entry 01/16/09
Sometimes when you get a new idea it leads to another, or an even better version of the original.

If you give it time to germinate, run with it, or brainstorm with others, it tends to get bigger and better. The projects I mentioned last month went through that process over the last few weeks delaying their debut. Not only did those projects evolve, it led to the inevitable evolution of the STUDIO MASSARO web site, now in it's 8th year. Big changes coming to the site this year as well.

I suppose I really do live my philosophy of change and starting over... again and again. I've tried many things ... failed at some of them. Succeeded at others. Stayed too long in some places, left others too soon. I have failed people in my life, but came through for more than I let down. I've bit off more than I could chew any number of times, but had a great time doing it.

 Life is still amusing and amazing through this artist' eyes, so I'll keep sharing my adventures, if you keep tuning in. Here's to the new year. May it bring new and wonderful adventures to you too.


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