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Diary entry 02/13/09

 I like to think of my web site as a celebration of all the arts. This year I've been sliding into photography, jewelry, and music.
The track you hear is "LET IT RIDE", by Wilson Fisher. If you like it, go to cdbaby.com to find the CD. It features 6 new songs,
that can also be individually purchased. If you want to send your special girl a very special gift for Valentine's Day, I suggest,
JUST THE LITTLE THINGS. If she likes that one, then she's sure to love DREAMBOAT SAILING.

The cover of the CD, by the way, is a portrait of Wilson, painted by me. (see snapshot) I like to think, one of my best paintings.

The CD is a labor of love, as was the portrait. Love has a way of stimulating creativity ... so get out there and love something.

XXOO Catherine


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