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Diary entry 10/19/08   

Last January I took a much needed break from things. I laid down my brushes and spent time clearing not only my head out, but my studio and inventory as well. As you can see if you scan through the Gallery sections, there are all but a dozen works left.  Most of these pieces are with Wayne at TEXAS, etc. back in Kerrville, Texas. The rest are with me.
Then we moved!  Fort Worth was fine, but the city was closing in on us. And my sweet and loving companion Stella succumbed to bone cancer in December. My heart is still broken, and I miss her every day.

I missed the stars at night. I missed the land, big open skies, being surrounded by nature, walking with Brutus off leash …  I missed the country. I missed the WEST. So I've landed in Reno, Nevada on six and a half acres of paradise backing up onto BLM land. Sage, mountains, coyotes at night, jackrabbits, horses, and the icing on the cake…a ranch down the road with a WHITE BUFFALO! (see snapshot section)

Beautiful Lake Tahoe is only 45 minutes away and I'm planning a Spring painting trip for a week around the entire lake. That's 72 miles from the Nevada side to the California side, and lots of paintings in between.

After leaving Fort Worth, a woman opening a high end pet boutique contacted me regarding the purchase she made of over a dozen of my dog paintings, many of the large scale canvas'. She is adorning the walls of her new shop with them, and wants me to do commission work for her customers. So it seems that work follows you no matter where you go.

My new studio is the loft area above our garage, and the downstairs is waiting for guests. It has beautiful light and is very spacious. I'm just about done setting things up and look forward to getting back to work. I'm surprised and pleased to see how many hits my site has had over this quiet time. Loyal followers one and all. I'm especially pleased to see how many international people follow my web site. Hope you all will enjoy what the future has ahead for me.

Warm regards to all … it's good to be back.




Well I'm taking some time with my quiet friend

Well I'm takin' some time on my own.

Well i'm makin' some plans for my getaway

There'll be blue skies shining up above

When I'm cloud hidden

Cloud hidden

Whereabouts unknown


Well I've got to get out of the rat-race now

I'm tired of the ways of mice and men

and the enpires all turning into rust again.

Out of everything, nothing remains the same

That's why I'm cloud hidden

Cloud hidden

Whereabouts unknown


Sittin' up on the mountain-top in my solitude

Where the morning fog comes rollin' in

Just might do me some good.


Well I'm waiting in the clearing with my motor on

Well it's time to get back to the town again

where the air is sweet and fresh in the countryside

Well it won't be long before I get back again.


Love to you all.


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